The Secret to Streaming MP3 Files That Even Dial-Up Users Can Hear

Some people view audio on a site as outdated — after all isn’t everyone using video these days?

Video is a popular option for some people, but audio is a better choice for many cases Tubidy. When you do audio, for example, it doesn’t matter if your hair is a mess. Audio is not dependent on lighting and background.

And lastly, just about anyone can produce an audio file in less than a minute that can be heard even on dialup lines. A large number of internet users still use dialup so it is important to make sure that they hear your message.

Although audio is proven to increase sales and sign ups, the question I hear most frequently from those who use audio is “How do I make a sound file that anyone can hear?”

There are two reasons dial-up users experience stuttering. The first is that they are using a slow internet connection, so things don’t move as quickly. High bit-rate audio files require high bandwidth connections. DSL or higher is the only option. You can also create an audio file that is much smaller.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can do that. There are almost as many audio editing tools as there are stars in the sky. So the instructions below won’t go through each step. However, the information should be enough to help you make the best choices regarding the software.

Two options are available that you will want to adjust. These rates are often called “sample rate”, and “bit rate”. The numbers of sample rates will typically be followed by the letters “Hz” or “kHz”. They can range from about 8000 (or 8 if it is in kHz), up to 44100 (or 444.1 kHz). Bit rate numbers will usually be followed by the letters “kbps” and can vary from 8 to 16 up through 196. We don’t care if you only see one or two options (e.g. 8, 16 and 32).

A sample rate of 44.100 Hz is required for CD quality audio. However, voice can do with a much lower sample rate. Set your sample rate to 11.025 Hz (or 11.0025 kHz) for voice. Most people listen to music at a bit rate of 128 kbps. However, for voice work you can go lower. If we want dial-up customers to be happy, then we need to set their bit rate very low.

If you are satisfied with the results, set your bit rate to 16kbps. You can try 32kbps, and continue to increase the bit rate until you’re satisfied. Remember that every step up the ladder will result in a slower audio stream. Individuals with faster dialup connections should be able to get 32kbps sound. If you are happy with the quality of a 16kbps file, then that is fine. That should make most people happy.

Although it might take a while to get used to the audio software for the first time, once you are comfortable with it you’ll be able produce audio files as fast as word processor documents.

If you aren’t making the switch to audio on your site, it is worth it. You have many reasons to use audio, and now you know how to create it.