Pet friendly hotels: in Italy the 4-legged friends welcome is luxurious

On holiday with dog or cat? Today it is no longer an impossible mission, thanks to structures, beaches and venues where animals are welcome. A few years ago Italy was among the last positions in the ranking of pet-friendly countries, but fortunately things are changing, as is also the finding of Hotel Tonight, which analyzed the services offered by over 15,000 hotels.

In Italy, pet friendly hotels are now 49.7%, higher than the world average (37%), European (40%) and even the United States (48%), which have been in the forefront in this industry. And that’s not all:  the pet friendly hotels don’t just welcome them not but also offer our beloved four-legged friends, special attention and enviable five-star services.

Some pet friendly hotels have a very specific goal: making all guests feel special, including dogs, which is already treated as a treat from their arrival. In the room, in fact, waiting for them there is a welcome pack, a corner equipped for them, mat, fresh water, good night biscuit and a ball to play. And at the departure some pet friendly hotels even offer a small cadeaux suchas a scented dry shampoo, a colorful collar or a small game.

For those who want a 5-star service for their puppies, there are some extravagant pet friendly hotels in Italy that offer the service on request for dog walking and dog sitting. And to relax dog and his owner, while he goes to the Spa, the staff also offers to his faithful friend the possibility of a remise en form: a real Spa for dogs that offers accurate service with shampoos, massages, treatments for the cute and unmistakably brushed to the latest fashion.

Beyond these exceptional amenities that in some cases might seem overwhelming, there are things you should never miss in a pet friendly hotel worthy of this denomination. The rooms for animal owners should be placed on the ground floor to avoid puppies a long walking when they need to go out for the needs. It is also essential that pet friendly hotels provide a 24-hour veterinary service for any problems.