Discover the Magnificent Islands of Greece

Many people choose to spend their summer holidays in Greece, a very popular destination, especially over the past few years. Greece boasts a large number of islands, suitable for any type of tourism that will amaze you with their unique beauty and the local hospitality. Many refer to the Greek islands as Europe’s very own exotic Caribbean place, and you can’t really blame them.

A Quick Stop in Athens

If your mind is set for a Greek summer adventure, then it is best to arrange for a small stop in Athens as well. This country’s capital has many secret treasures for you to discover. Walk among the ancient little streets filled with shops, and visit Parthenon, this amazing temple at the top of their citadel. If you are not a fan of antiquities, then one day will be enough in Athens. Walk up the citadel, admire the amazing scenery and then visit the Acropolis Museum, one of the greatest museums in all Europe, and the most recently built.

Mykonos Island

Most travellers have heard [or even dreamt] about Mykonos. It is the most popular island in Greece, annually visited by famous Hollywood and domestic celebrities. Located in the Cyclades, you can reach this island both by boat or plane. Dressed in white and blue, this island is made for all travellers who wish to experience the ultimate party adventure!

Countless beach bars will offer you cool cocktails, while your feet immerse in the hot sand. In the morning, the amazing beaches will provide you with crystal clear waters, shade and the beautiful summer breeze. Walk through the narrow paved streets and don’t be shocked if you find standing next to Leonardo Di Caprio.

Andros Island

Another, smaller member of the Cyclades cluster, is Andros Island. Only 2 hours away from Athens, this island is ideal for simpler vacation, far from crowded, loud islands. If you choose to spend your vacation here, make sure you rent a jeep, so as to not miss the chance of visiting perhaps the most impressive beaches you have ever seen.

Due to the constant winter rains, the dirt roads could be a problem, if you did not rent a 4×4 car. Alternatively, there are many boat trips that will take you to more exclusive beaches.

Zakynthos Island

Between Italy and Greece, there are some additional Greek Islands that are also impressive. Among them, Zakynthos Island that combines the youthful, partying streets with beautiful, private beaches. Whatever your taste is, Zakynthos can offer you your ideal vacation.

Don’t miss the chance of visiting an amazing shipwreck or swim along with some huge Caretta – Caretta sea turtles. Zakynthos Island combines the Italian elegance along with the Greek culture in a beautiful, unique way.

Lifetime Experience

There are other, equally amazing islands that you can visit. Each one with each own identity, but still a member of the same country that celebrates the constant sun with parties, swimming and an incredible hospitality that will blow you away!